Founder, Cascade Heights Capital

David is a seasoned Information Technology professional with over three decades of experience leading IT Operations across diverse industry sectors including technology, aerospace & defense, eCommerce, energy, retail, and logistics. With a remarkable track record of managing budgets exceeding $12M, David has contributed to over 100 concurrent projects and effectively led teams of over 20 members.

His expertise extends beyond conventional IT realms, encompassing the negotiation of multi-year, million-dollar support contracts and the development of policies to ensure compliance with industry standards.

In addition to his extensive IT background, David boasts 13 years of hands-on experience in owning and operating both single-family and multi-family rental properties, alongside successful renovations of his primary residences. Building upon this solid foundation, he is now poised to channel his skills into the realm of large-scale multi-family operations.

David's vision is to establish an Investor Relations and Operations company that collaborates with Sponsors and Operators boasting proven track records in sound investment deals. With his unique blend of IT acumen, strategic thinking, and real estate experience, David is primed to deliver exceptional value to potential investors seeking lucrative opportunities in multifamily syndication ventures.


Our Philosophy

At Cascade Heights Capital, we believe in the power of partnership and the value of shared success. Our approach is simple yet profound: we align our expertise with your investment goals to create a synergy that transforms potentials into realities. David Meidam's philosophy of transparency, integrity, and meticulous due diligence forms the cornerstone of our operations, ensuring that every decision is made with your best interest at heart.

Expertise Meets Innovation

Under David's leadership, Cascade Heights CAPITAL has emerged as a beacon of innovation in multifamily real estate syndication. Our strategy is not just about properties; it's about possibilities. We delve deep into market analysis, demographic trends, and economic indicators to handpick opportunities that are not just safe but also smart.

Your Success is Our Success

At Cascade Heights, your vision is our mission. Whether you're an experienced investor seeking to diversify your portfolio or you're new to the realm of real estate investment, David Meidam and our dedicated team are here to guide you every step of the way. We're not just building properties; we're building lasting relationships, one investment at a time.

Embark on Your Investment Journey with Confidence

Discover the difference that dedication, expertise, and genuine partnership can make in your real estate investment journey. Get in touch with David Meidam and the Cascade Heights Capital team today, and take the first step towards transforming your investment goals into tangible successes.




To get started, simply book a 30-minute meeting with David. We’ll share a bit about the previous investments, answer any questions you have, and make sure your investing journey and our mission are in alignment.



Once you have all your questions answered, fill out our online investment form. This  secure form gathers all the information needed for creating an account and funding your investment. It takes 10-15 minutes to complete.



Now that you’re in, you can wait for an opportunity that meets your criteria, Invest and sit by and watch your money work for you while we find, build, and manage properties.  You’ll receive updates along the way as the asset continues to perform.

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