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Driftwood Apartments, a 101-unit property situated in Corpus Christi, Texas, presents a compelling investment opportunity. Originally built in 1948 and recently renovated in 2021, this Class-C workforce housing option offers immediate scale and strategic positioning. Comprising of 20 4-plexes and 20 cottage-style units, the property's central location ensures convenient access to schools, retail, and major thoroughfares.

With a robust foundation established through $2 million in capital expenditures in 2021 and 2022, Driftwood Apartments currently enjoys a 90% occupancy rate with a value-add opportunity. The extensive renovations conducted by the current owner, both internally and externally, set the stage for new ownership to focus on enhancing operational efficiencies, ultimately leading to increased revenue.

Why Invest in Multifamily with Cascade Heights

Why Invest in Multifamily?

Investing in multifamily real estate isn't just about immediate returns; it's a strategic move towards long-term wealth accumulation. As rents rise over time and mortgages are gradually paid down, the equity in your properties grows steadily. Additionally, multifamily properties often appreciate in value, especially in thriving markets. This combination of rental income, mortgage pay down, and property appreciation creates a powerful wealth-building engine. With careful management and strategic acquisition, multifamily investments have the potential to significantly enhance your financial portfolio, providing stability and security for years to come.

Why we like multifamily?


Real estate assets serve as an anchor of investment stability.


After all operational expenses are met, you participate in available cash flow distributions


Real assets provide stability to your portfolio and a hedge against inflation


Tax depreciation of the asset can be utilized to offset passive income


Our capital contribution to each investment shows alignment of interests


 Principal reduction and forced appreciation through renovations and asset management create equity in the investment


David Meidam

David brings over thirty years of expertise in Information Technology, with a knack for managing multimillion-dollar budgets and leading international operations across various sectors. His passion for real estate shines through his 13 years of experience in owning and renovating properties, making him a seasoned player in the multi-family housing market. Discover how David's unique blend of IT prowess and real estate acumen opens doors to lucrative investment opportunities in multifamily syndication ventures.

You've Worked Hard for Your Money—Now It's Time for Your Money to Work for You!

Did you know 90% of millionaires got their wealth by investing in real estate? It's no accident. Real estate is key to building wealth and securing your financial future, all within a smart investment plan.

Our easy real estate investments free you from the usual property ownership headaches. No more dealing with being a landlord, worrying about market ups and downs, or spending too much time on your investments. With us, your money starts working for you right away, growing quietly as you keep living your life and following your dreams.

Investing is simple. Here's how it works.

We Acquire

Our team expertly identifies and acquires high-potential real estate opportunities, setting the stage for lucrative investments.

You Invest

By investing with us, you gain access to premium real estate deals without the hassle of day-to-day management.

We Manage

We take care of all aspects of property management, from tenant relations to maintenance, ensuring your investment is hassle-free.

You Make Money

Sit back and watch your investment grow as we work diligently to maximize returns and boost your passive income.


Partnering with Cascade Heights Capital means stepping into a realm of strategic real estate investment where your financial aspirations are prioritized.


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